A Picture of Saron Gebresellassi, Parkdale High-Park candidate in Canadian federal election 2019 standing in front of the Toronto sign, in front of City Hall. She is wearing a blue and white suit.

We Need a Canada for All of Us.

And here’s where we want to begin: by acknowledging that we are all better off when the least of us are better off.

We can’t do it all at once. But we can start by focusing on a few things. 

Our Campaign Platform

  1. Housing for All: Make decent housing a fundamental human right in Canada. Launch an aggressive national housing plan that ensures adequate and sufficient housing is available to everyone. Build non-market and cooperative housing to provide truly affordable homes and stop the displacement of working class communities.  Crack down on housing market speculation.
  2. Full Equality for Women: Fight for pay equity and true economic equality for women.  Enact a national action plan to combat gender-based violence.  Ensure full funding and universal access to abortion in all parts of Canada.  Reform the electoral system and work toward gender parity in Parliament. 
  3. Fairness for Workers: It’s time to end precarious work. Extend benefits to contract and freelance workers.  Support the fight for living wages.  Encourage unionization and support collective bargaining and the right to strike. Support the creation of worker-owned companies and businesses and the conversion of existing companies and businesses into ownership by its workers.
  4. Universal Healthcare and Childcare: Extend Medicare to include pharmacare, dental care, vision care, and mental health services. Begin building a national system of universal, high quality childcare.
  5. Education for All: Provide federal funding for tuition-free post-secondary education. Establish debt relief and forgiveness programs.
  6. Immigration and Migrant Justice: Rescind the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S. Grant status on arrival to migrants and refugees and permanent residence to those already in Canada. End detentions and deportations. Improve support services for immigrants. Fight back against rising xenophobia.
  7. Criminal Justice Reform:  Expunge all criminal records for cannabis charges and provide reparations for those impacted. End mass incarceration of Indigenous and racialized communities. Abolish mandatory minimum sentences. End the war on drugs. Get big money out of the justice system.
  8.  A Fairer Tax System: Combat growing inequality and pay for programs such as pharmacare, childcare and tuition-free education by increasing taxes on corporate profits and the top 1%. Close loopholes for the rich and crack down on tax evasion.
  9. Arts for Everyone: Greatly increase federal funding for arts and culture. Widen access to the arts and encourage participation throughout society. Encourage every child to learn a musical instrument. Provide more opportunities in the arts for youth.
  10. A Green New Deal: Rapidly phase out fossil fuels and boldly transition to a fully renewable and more equitable economy. Guarantee good jobs for all. Provide training and a just transition for workers.  Make massive investments in renewable energy, infrastructure and public transportation.  Provide federal funding for free transit in our cities.  Prioritize jobs and investment in low income neighbourhoods and communities. Fully implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and support Indigenous leadership in the fight against climate change.