Meet Saron

Saron Gebresellassi arrived to Canada with her family as U.N. Convention refugees leaving Eritrea at the height of a civil war and settled in Toronto. Growing up in Toronto Community Housing, Saron began activism at an early age in the city’s anti-war and student movements. An advocate for free education, Saron went on to graduate from 3 universities (University of Toronto, University of Ottawa and Ryerson University) on a tuition-free basis. She continues to provide training to working class youth on pursuing post-secondary education without tuition fees while calling for systemic reform.

Saron has won numerous high profile cases against government and a wide range of institutional giants. In this capacity, she assisted hundreds of clients and their families from across the GTHA and beyond, including Montreal, New York, London, Melbourne, and California. Domestically, she provided legal counsel to asylum seekers at the Canada-U.S. border leaving in the wake of the Trump Election. 

In 2018, over fifteen thousand Canadians voted for Saron for Mayor of Toronto. Her campaign was bold and uncompromising, with a solidly progressive platform that pushed the political conversation to the left. Among her best-known policies are free public transit and declaring a state of emergency on housing. Saron finished fourth in the total vote count.

Now, Saron aims to radically transform the national conversation as she seeks the NDP Federal Nomination for Parkdale-High Park.